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  1. Rip gameworld one of my childhood games . Hope all u guys are doing good
  2. Aahahahahahahahah wtf? Spy? Why should i be a spy?
  3. Lmao . Yea man i feel you now . These ppl acting like 10 years old . Wtf . I guess now this server is now just nostalgia and good memories with good people . Damn .
  4. U are just weak man . U hate america while u playing a game made from americans. Pretty hypocrite. Even thou i am not american but i must say you should get yourself together man
  5. Sorry it seems my translate dont work on you
  6. Hey . You know i always liked russian songs . ))
  7. Whats wrong with english . Do i even know u lmao . Chill out suka
  8. Fuck man . Im so sorry to hear that . I got all my best memories with this server . Had a lot of fun and spend many days playing it . Its so sad(
  9. Why??? They dont upgrade the server ? Add new content?
  10. Hes a pidaras i cant even flex on that nigga. Wtf is happening to gw. Server gameover?. 100 players daily
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